Welcome to Eggs Jenny

Hi! I’m Jenny. I am a cat lover and web developer in Mountain View, California. I use a power wheelchair because I have weak muscles in my arms and legs. I’m relatively new to cooking and baking because it isn’t something I can do all by myself. But I’ve learned ways to adapt cooking to my needs, and my husband Mario and I make a pretty good team in the kitchen!

It’s just the two of us in our small, simple, comfortable condo, so we aren’t cooking terribly complex meals. Therefore, this is not going to be a terribly complex food blog. No five-page histories and 12 professional photos leading up to a 30-item recipe here! I might sometimes write about how I, as a wheelchair user, adapted or cooked a recipe, but for the most part, I’ll post a few iPhone photos and a link to the recipe which inspired our breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert.

We’re simple people with simple tastes, and this is a very simple blog. Welcome aboard!